Three Adventure Planning Apps & Websites

Sometimes even our vacations can fall into ruts: the same city at the same time of year, the same (albeit beautiful) beach scene, and the same types of fellow travelers. Even if you’ve been a place a dozen times, chances are you haven’t discovered all that there is to your favorite destination. Add some variety or even spontaneity to your vacation with a few helpful apps.


Afar is a travel website and app that combines professional articles and advice with local experts. Use the Destinations to find attractions, things to do, and restaurants that you might not have previously discovered yet.


Looking to take a summer road trip to a specific destination and want to find something new along your route? Roadtrippers is the perfect tool to do this with. Not only can you plan your road trip, your final destination, hotels where you will stay along the way, and calculate the cost of gas, you can also find attractions, restaurants, and more along your route.


Add some spontaneity to your trip and use other traveler’s discoveries to guide your way. Trover is an app that lets you post pictures of your discoveries along your journey and see other users’ discoveries in the vicinity.

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