Best Hiking Trails In Indiana

Brown County State Park | Best Indiana Hiking Trails

Indiana is not the first place you would think of to go for hiking. It might actually be the last place you would think of. There are a few spots, however, that are more than just a walk in the park.


Shades State Park | Best Indiana Hiking Trails

Shades State Park in Waveland, Indiana is a bit over an hour northwest of Indianapolis. Even the Moderate trails offer views as beautiful as seen above. The park also offers a few Rugged trails that offer a challenge.

Turkey Run

Turkey Run State Park | Best Indiana Hiking Trails

The Ladders Trail at Turkey Run State Park is one of the most challenging trails in the state. Called “the Ladders Trail” by locals due to the multiple ladders that must be climbed throughout the trail, you will also find yourself hiking through a creek bed with cliffs on either side. The most surprising part is that this State Park is surrounded by a mostly flat landscape.

Brown County

Brown County State Park | Best Indiana Hiking Trails

Brown County State Park in Nashville, Indiana, is a popular destination especially during Fall. The Firetower Trail (Trail #10 on the map) is a popular trail in the park that is great for trail running. Labeled “Rugged”, this trail will challenge beginning to intermediate-level hikers. For any level of hiker, it is a beautiful trail at any time of year.

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