THE NAMELESS WOMEN PROJECT is Ann Edwards’ debut novel. Bishop Briggs’ “White Flag” meets “Feeling Good” (The Eden Project cover) in this gritty Adult Contemporary Thriller with sequel potential where Lisa Gardner and Paulo Coelho fans alike will find themselves at home.

Currently under consideration for the Watty Awards and Pitch Wars 2020.

Since accidentally faking her own death four years ago, Andy Marcello has provided new identities to other women running for their lives—until one of them turns up dead.

These are the secrets that Andy guards most fiercely. Even Andy’s closest friends know nothing of her former life or current criminal pastimes. She trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as though preparing for war. Her house is her own personal fortress, and her four-legged best friend is trained to kill. Andy has tirelessly worked to rebuild her life on a foundation of safety and friendship, though she maintains a strong penchant of deflecting her need for any of this with humor.

Her foundation is shaken when the body of one of her friends is found less than a mile from Andy’s home. Detective Leo Oswald asks her to identify the body. He soon discovers she is lying about how well she knew the victim and arrests her for the murder. Andy must now decide whether to put her own life at risk by exposing her secrets or face life in prison for a murder she did not commit. 

At least prison would come with a security upgrade.