Color Me Rad 5K

Color Me Rad 5K

A few weeks ago I ran my 2nd 5K run with my lovely sister and darling niece. This Color Me Rad run was so much fun! The outrageous outfits others wore were my personal favorite part of the event.I really, really should have made the 3 of us tutus!

Before Color Me Rad

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There is nothing like lungs (and sinuses…and mouths….and shoes…and…) full of colored cornstarch to keep the energy going! (I know. Makes no sense.)

I probably will never do another Color Run, but it was definitely a must-do-once! Here are some things I wish I would have known before the race:

If you have sensitive sinuses, allergies, or asthma and still want to do a color run, plan to add a doctor’s mask and/or swim goggles to your ridiculous outfit. They might look ridiculous, but this is the perfect forum for such sensible craziness. Even if you aren’t “sensitive”, it is still a good idea. Cornstarch in the lungs and elsewhere? Not such a good idea.

Wear your oldest shoes [that still have support in them]. They will be ruined. And wear the oldest comfortable socks that you own as well. Also stock up on exfoliating scrub. Your feet and other parts of you will be stained.

Feet after Color Me Rad

Shower ASAP, and carefully. The colored cornstarch temporarily stained my feet, hands, and anywhere else where I sweated. Even though I rinsed off my hands almost immediately after the race, powder from other areas got on them again and managed to stain anyway.

Be careful taking off your gear. If you can’t do it in a garage, brush yourself off outside and take your gear off in the shower or tub. Have a bag ready to put it in, too!

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