Unplug In El Paredon, Guatemala

10 Must-Do's in Guatemala

El Paredon, Guatemala is a quiet little surfing town on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. Most of the area is still undeveloped, making it a perfect destination to get truly unplugged and plug into the local culture.

Learn How To Surf

Surf Boards

There are a few different places that you can take surf lessons and rent boards in the El Paredon area.

Take A Tour of the Mangroves

Mangrove Boat Tour, El Paredon Guatemala

Just north of El Paredon is a large protected forest of mangroves, trees native to Guatemala that were once the home of many Guatemalans. Take a boat tour given by one of the locals and you are bound to see a number of wildlife including snakes, iguanas, and birds.

Watch The Sea Turtles

During the first part of the dry season in November-February, sea turtles can be found along the beach nesting. There is also a sea turtle hatchery that can be toured as well.

Watch the Sun Rise and Set From The Beach

El Paredon Sunset

The Guatemalan Pacific Coastline faces directly south, making it possible to see the sun both rise and set every day. I’m not certain if I could ever grow tired of the beautiful views of El Paredon, but I would love to be able to stay long enough to find out.

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