The Best Sushi in San Francisco

Best Sushi In San Francisco

Yes, that is a bold statement. Is it even possible to choose the “best” sushi in a city that has SOOOO many amazing food options and specializes in seafood? Probably not. We should all meet up in SFO and search exhaustively for the “best” sushi in town. It could take months. Luckily, we would probably lose a few pounds walking between all of the options, if not for being on a sushi-only diet alone.

I do think I know which restaurant would win, even after an exhaustive and thorough search, though. Ozumo is a Kimpton restaurant on Steuart Street in the Financial District of San Francisco. Not only is the restaurant beautiful, so is the sushi.

Best Sushi In San Francisco

Your mouth is most likely watering uncontrollably right now. I get it. It tastes even more amazing than it looks. You can even watch the chefs craft these masterpieces right in front of you while you wait for your order. Just be careful getting that close, though. You’ll be more than tempted to order a second round.

In addition to quite possibly the most amazing sushi to ever touch your lips, Ozumo has plenty more to offer. They have an extensive Sake list, and the environment is casual chic. Suits are not uncommon here, but they are not necessary. The location is perfect, too, especially if you’re staying in the area. After dinner, take a stroll at sunset along The Embarcadero and enjoy the beautiful views of the city.

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