Wine of the Week: Francis Coppola Black Label Claret

Wine Review: Francis Coppola Claret

Since my visit to Sonoma at the beginning of February, I’ve become an increasingly big fan of dry, fruity reds. So far, Francis Coppola’s Diamond Collection Black Label Claret is one of my favorites.

Wine Review: Francis Coppola Claret

The nose and taste are not as bold as I expected. This is one of the most smooth reds I recall ever tasting. The tannins are not overbearing, which I found unusual (and loved!) for a Cab Sauv-based wine.

Perfect Pairing

You of course cannot go wrong pairing this with a decent slab of red meat. I would even also pair it with high-quality dark chocolate or poached pears.

Have you tried this wine? What are your thoughts? Am I on the nose?

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