Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Martin Luther King Jr art on Indy Cultural Trail

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is one of the largest urban trails dedicated to walking and bike traffic in the US. Currently spanning a total of 8 miles, the trail intersects with five different cultural districts within and around downtown Indianapolis.

Martin Luther King Jr art on Indy Cultural Trail

The Indy Cultural Trail combines biking, walking, and running with art, history, and culture. Along the trail you can find any number of sculptures, art installations, and street art. The Glick Peace Walk showcases illuminated statues dedicated to a number of historic figures including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (above), Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and many more.

Mass Ave Indy Street Art

The art seen from the trail varies in mediums. The street art in Mass Ave is massive and around every corner. The digital sculpture Ann Dancing is one of my favorites (for a few obvious reasons).

Fountain Square Indy Cultural Trail

The run from downtown to Fountain Square district is approximately 2.5 miles. If literally running, especially on a hot August morning, being greeted by the words “You Are Beautiful” from the Murphy Arts Center is a beautiful reminder despite and because of your hard-earned sweat.

Canal Walk Indy Cultural Trail

The Canal Walk is also a beautiful place along the trail for a run. Bike riding on the Canal Walk during the summer weekends can pose a challenge due to the crowds. At only a total of 3 miles round-trip, the trail is more enjoyable at a slower pace anyway. With many new shops and eateries opening up every day, you can also enjoy the Canal from a paddle boat or gondola.

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