My Italian Bucket List

One of my 30 By 30 goals was to Plan A Trip To Italy. I have the rough itinerary, budget, and timeline mapped out, now I just need to put the plan into motion. Italy has been #1 on my Travel Bucket List since I can remember, so I’ve obviously had a few things in mind for quite some time that I can’t possibly miss out on while I’m there. The list below shows why Italia is my Perfect Playground.

1. See The Sistine Chapel

Number one on my Must Do Before I Die list. The Creation of Adam has always been one of my favorite works of art. I cannot even begin to imagine what it will be like to stand underneath that indescribably beautiful masterpiece.

2. Drive A Ferrari

“When in Rome…” Or, “you can take the girl out of Indy, but you can never take Indy out of the girl”.

3. Drink Moscato In Piedmont

Of all the bubbly I’ve sampled in my time, the best I’ve ever tasted has hailed from this region of Italy. I can’t wait to see the area and learn more about what makes it one of the most delicious varietals on Earth.

4. Eat Gelato. Again. And Again.

Perhaps I’ll even make it in time for the Gelato Festival in Florence. If not, I’ll just get more of a tour of the various cities while searching for the perfect scoop.

5. Stay In Polignano a Mare

Thanks to Pinterest, this has risen up my must-do-in-Italy list.

6. Do A Tuscan Food & Wine Tour

I will only have time for one day during this first trip, but that will be just enough to encourage me to plan the next one.

7. Hike The Italian Alps

Not all of them. And maybe only one trail. Or around a lake in the middle of mountains.

8. Take a Venetian Gondola Tour

This is just kind of one of those things that you must do.

9. Visit the Statue of Appennino

Located just outside of Florence stands an enormous sculpture called “Appennine Colossus” created by artist Giambologna.

10. Visit Pompeii

Of all the historical events, the destruction of Pompeii by the eruption of near-by Vesuvius is one of the most infamous.

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