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The Journey Continues: I Started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

I can’t seem to quit diving head first towards all the things that scare the absolute sh*t out of me. For me, this is a benchmark of healing. After too many years, nearly two and a half spent fighting PTSD, I’m finally getting closer to once again being my true self. My freshman year of high school I joined the swim teamfor the sole purpose of getting over my fear of water. (Note: still afraid of water. Still swim. Recently swam in the ocean. With humpback whales.) Continue reading

How To Start A Daily Meditation Practice

How To Start A Meditation Practice

One of my 30 By 30 Goals was to meditate for 30 days, in hopes of developing a regular meditation practice. I was first introduced to meditation in college when I took an entire course on various styles of meditation. I remember very little from taking that class, but one thing I do remember is that there a lot of different meditation methods. Continue reading