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6 Books To Shift Your Perspective In 2016

I read a lot of great books in 2015 in many different genres. I had made it a goal to continue to read more with my 30 By 30 list, such as reading Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. (Both of which I finally finished this year.) Of the books that I read this year, there were a few that stood out as completely helping to shift my perspective and changing my daily attitude. I’m continuously looking to improve myself. I’ll forever be a work in progress, and these books made a huge impact on my way of thinking and thus my quality of life this past year. Continue reading

2015 Luxury Gift Guide

Oh, holidays. Are you upon us again already? Yes, time sure does fly when you’re having fun with the people you love. If you’re struggling to think up a unique and thoughtful, yet totally usable gift for them this holiday season, here are some ideas to get you going. Continue reading