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Three Adventure Planning Apps & Websites

Sometimes even our vacations can fall into ruts: the same city at the same time of year, the same (albeit beautiful) beach scene, and the same types of fellow travelers. Even if you’ve been a place a dozen times, chances are you haven’t discovered all that there is to your favorite destination. Add some variety or even spontaneity to your vacation with a few helpful apps. Continue reading

How To Plan A Spontaneous Trip

How To Plan A Spontaneous Trip

“Planning” a “spontaneous” trip seems more than slightly like an oxymoron. Spontaneous, zero-planning-required road trips are very easy to do: you get in the car and drive, and wherever you find yourself, there you are. Destinations that require a plane, however, don’t seem to be quite as easy to do on a whim.

They are possible, though, and you can get some of the best deals when making last-minute plans. Here are a few tools to help you plan out all the details you need for a spontaneous last-minute adventure. Continue reading