Wine of the Week: Bar Harbor Apple Raspberry Fruit Wine

Bar Harbor Apple Raspberry Fruit Wine

I picked this wine up on a trip to Mt Desert Island in Maine. Bar Harbor might not be in Napa Valley, but they do still know their wine. It is a destination for many vacationers from around New England and beyond. It is even the residence of some celebrities. (Martha Stewart has a house somewhere on Mt. Desert Island.)

Bar Harbor Apple Raspberry Wine

Maine is not an ideal climate for most grape varietals, but it is world-renown for its blueberries. Other fruit grows very well in the climate as well. Some of Bar Harbor Cellars‘ wines are produced from local fruit, but most of the time they source from Europe or North America.

The Apple Raspberry wine is exceptional. It is sweet, but not too sweet. Full-bodied and highly acidic, it has a strong raspberry taste with a hint of apple at the finish.

It is a perfect summer wine, especially for picnics or barbeques. Pair with fruity desserts (perhaps even a White Chocolate Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake) or sweet BBQ chicken or pork ribs.

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