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My Travel Bucket List

My Travel Bucket List

Oh, to be a bird and have the freedom to fly across the world and see every single inch of this beautiful earth on a whim. For those of us with limited funds and time (and especially those of us who aren’t built for living out of a backpack for the entirety of our lives) seeing all the places and meeting all the people isn’t a feasible goal. Instead of just reaching toward plots on a map, my Travel Bucket List is a bit more specific to my interests as well as experiencing the cultures. Continue reading

What I Learned From Making a 30 By 30 List

A few days before my 28th birthday I decided to create a 30 By 30 list, or a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish by the time I turned 30. I had seen one of my friends keep posting on Facebook about her 30 by 30 goals. She happened to live in New Zealand, so I was especially inspired by her photos from her trip scuba diving and other exploration adventures around the other side of the world. So, I decided to make my own list. Continue reading

Why Set 10 Year Goals?

It is a few months before my 30th birthday, and I still have 10 things left on my 30 By 30 list to cross off. A few of them will still probably change. Since it is January, and this is a pretty standard time to be thinking about goals for the coming year, I’m already starting to think about my goals beyond my 30 By 30 list. I attended a yoga + goal planning session yesterday. Before going, I kind of expected to only be going for the accountability of writing them out, especially since I’ve had so much training within the last two years on setting goals. Continue reading

Ann Dancing

One Year, 25 Things

Today I am another year older, and another year closer to the deadline of accomplishing 30 major goals by the time I turn 30. Even though I have only completed 5 of my 30 By 30 goals in the last year, I’m definitely proud of them all. Especially running a 5K. Not only did I run just one 5K last summer, I did 3! Continue reading