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Fountain Square: Indianapolis Neighborhood Guide

Indianapolis Neighborhood Guide: Fountain Square

The Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis is two miles southeast of downtown Indianapolis. Connected to downtown via the Cultural Trail, Fountain Square is just a short walk, bike ride, or cab fare away from the heart of the city. This neighborhood holds a lot of history and has been on a slow track to being revitalized over the last decade. Today, Fountain Square is the go-to spot for hipster nightlife, great food, and even better drinks. Continue reading

Indy Car Street Art Speedway

The Beautiful Street Art Of Indianapolis

Indianapolis is well-known for being the Racing Capitol of the World, but there is so much more beneath the surface. There is a strong artist community in Indianapolis, and this is evident throughout many neighborhoods of Indy.

Walking the streets, you are bound to find art on nearly every corner of downtown thanks to the Cultural Trail. Mass Ave neighborhood, on the northeast side of downtown, has multiple pieces per block, including the electronic sculpture “Ann Dancing” (a personal favorite). Broad Ripple has quite a mix: the typical, gritty back-alley graffiti as well as the quirky modern art like this gargantuan comb bike rack.

Art can be found throughout the streets of Indy. Speedway, Butler-Tarkington, and many other neighborhoods showcase the history of the city and feature local artists’ passion throughout.

Walking The High Line

The High Line is a park on the lower west side of Manhattan converted from old New York Central Railroad tracks. Extending 1.45 miles, the park spans from the Meatpacking District at the southern point through Chelsea to the West Side Yard, offering views of the Hudson River, street art, and much of Manhattan. Continue reading

Best Sushi In San Francisco

The Best Sushi in San Francisco

Yes, that is a bold statement. Is it even possible to choose the “best” sushi in a city that has SOOOO many amazing food options and specializes in seafood? Probably not. We should all meet up in SFO and search exhaustively for the “best” sushi in town. It could take months. Luckily, we would probably lose a few pounds walking between all of the options, if not for being on a sushi-only diet alone.

Continue reading

5 Must-Do's When Traveling to San Francisco

5 Must-Do’s in San Francisco

San Francisco brings endless possibilities. If traveling there for the first time, you’ll find there is so much to do and far too little time. To make the most of your time, skip the guided tours and explore the city on your own. Continue reading