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Solo Female Traveler's Safety Guide to Guatemala

The Solo Female Traveler’s Guide to Guatemala

Traveling to a developing country can be intimidating, especially for women traveling alone. When I told people that I was spending half of my time in Guatemala traveling the country on my own, I was met with a lot of surprise and caution. As long as you stick to a few main tips that apply to nearly anywhere and anyone, traveling on your own can not only be safe but incredibly enjoyable. Continue reading

Voluntourism + Surf For Life

Voluntourism + Surf for Life

Surf for Life is an organization that helps to build schools and hospitals in developing coastal communities with the help of voluntourists—travelers who want to connect with local communities and make an impact while seeing the world from a local’s point of view. Continue reading

10 Must-Do's in Guatemala

10 Must-Do’s In Guatemala

In a country like Guatemala, adventure is waiting around every corner. From hiking volcanoes to taking a chocolate workshop in Antigua, to sipping a mocha on a rooftop terrace at sunset, Guate offers authentic cultural experience with no lack of adventure or luxury. Here are 10 things you must do if traveling to Guatemala for the first time. Continue reading

La Merced Catedral, Antigua, Guatemala

The Cathedrals of Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala is home to some of the largest Lent and Holy Week celebrations around the globe, and also many beautiful cathedrals. During Lent, and especially Semana Santa (Holy Week), the entire city is ignited with an energy and filled with festivities. There are dozens of churches, cathedrals, and convents strewn across this beautiful city. Continue reading