The Cathedrals of Antigua, Guatemala

La Merced Catedral, Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala is home to some of the largest Lent and Holy Week celebrations around the globe, and also many beautiful cathedrals. During Lent, and especially Semana Santa (Holy Week), the entire city is ignited with an energy and filled with festivities. There are dozens of churches, cathedrals, and convents strewn across this beautiful city.

Santa Catalina, Antigua, Guatemala

Santa Catalina is a convent near the center of the city. The bridge pictured was used by nuns in order to cross the street without being seen until it was converted into a hostel for travelers and tourists.

La Merced Catedral, Antigua, Guatemala

La Merced Catedral is a beautiful cathedral that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Many weddings and ceremonies are held here, and it is also a common spot for many celebrations during Lent.

El Carmen Cathedral Ruins, Antigua, Guatemala

El Carmen Catedral played host to a town market on the street just outside it’s doors while I passed by. Dozens of merchants showcased their finest jewelry, scarves, paintings, and other crafts.

San Jose Catedral Antigua Guatemala

San Jose Catedral is located just across the street from Parque Central. The building has survived many earthquakes, but is still under repair.

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