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Hot Air Balloon Ride Conner Prairie Indianapolis

Up, Up, and Away!

When I made my 30 By 30 list, I didn’t consider all my many fears (like heights). I only considered the things that I want to do and that were mostly feasible at this stage in my life. One of those things was riding in a hot air balloon, mostly because of a picture that my dad took that I still have sitting around somewhere. Continue reading

Ann Dancing

One Year, 25 Things

Today I am another year older, and another year closer to the deadline of accomplishing 30 major goals by the time I turn 30. Even though I have only completed 5 of my 30 By 30 goals in the last year, I’m definitely proud of them all. Especially running a 5K. Not only did I run just one 5K last summer, I did 3! Continue reading