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Fountain Square: Indianapolis Neighborhood Guide

Indianapolis Neighborhood Guide: Fountain Square

The Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis is two miles southeast of downtown Indianapolis. Connected to downtown via the Cultural Trail, Fountain Square is just a short walk, bike ride, or cab fare away from the heart of the city. This neighborhood holds a lot of history and has been on a slow track to being revitalized over the last decade. Today, Fountain Square is the go-to spot for hipster nightlife, great food, and even better drinks. Continue reading

Martin Luther King Jr art on Indy Cultural Trail

Indianapolis Cultural Trail

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is one of the largest urban trails dedicated to walking and bike traffic in the US. Currently spanning a total of 8 miles, the trail intersects with five different cultural districts within and around downtown Indianapolis. Continue reading

Fountain Square Street Art

10 Running Trails In Indy

In my short span as a runner (today is the end of my 7th week in the C25K program), I have discovered that I love running in new places. In the last 7 weeks, I have run on both coasts, in 5 cities (Indy, NYC, San Francisco, Fort Wayne and Holland, MI) spanning 4 different states. Continue reading