10 Running Trails In Indy

Fountain Square Street Art

In my short span as a runner (today is the end of my 7th week in the C25K program), I have discovered that I love running in new places. In the last 7 weeks, I have run on both coasts, in 5 cities (Indy, NYC, San Francisco, Fort Wayne and Holland, MI) spanning 4 different states.

Holland State Park
Running at Holland State Park, MI

I love adventures, and running on different trails in different cities and maybe even different states might just be the key to keep me interested in running. I get bored easily. Most of the time setting and achieving goals to increase my time and speed is enough to keep me dedicated. But, why not make it even more interesting by running as many different places as I possibly can?

So, here are 10 places around Indy that I want to run this summer:

1. Southwestway Park

I just discovered that there’s a new park in town, and it happens to be right down the street from me! From the little details I’ve found, it seems that there are a lot of trails that I can run, which is fabulous. I would much rather run trails than sidewalks.

2. Indy Cultural Trail

I won’t be running the entire thing at once, but I would like to see all of it. Running pieces at a time will be the perfect way to do so! Unfortunately the website and downloadable map doesn’t contain any mileage information. At least there is always my RunKeeper app to fall back on. I’m confident that, when I get up to my 9mi runs in my 10K training in September and October, this will be a great place to take those long runs.

3. Monon Trail

Fairly famous around here is the extensive Monon Trail. A railroad converted into a trail, it connects the northside of Indy (all the way up past Carmel) to Downtown. Maybe someday they’ll add on towards the south? 🙁 Nonetheless, I believe this is a must-do as an Indy resident.

4. Fort Ben

Fort Benjamin Harrison is a State Park on the outskirts of Indy. I have been passing signs for it for nearly a decade (yikes!) but still have never been.

5. The Canal Walk

Even before I started running, I was aware of The Canal Walk. It is a great way to see the city, and it will give me a chance to see the city from a perspective I never have before.

6. Eagle Creek

Yet another seemingly must-do in the Indy area. I’ve never been to Eagle Creek, but I have been wanting to check it out. This is the perfect excuse to do so!

7. Central Canal Towpath

Indy Runner’s has a great list of places to run in Indy. I had never heard of this one before, but it sounds like a great place to check out!

8. Pleasant Run Trail

I had never heard of this one either, but I am familiar with Pleasant Run. This trail might just be perfect for my 5mi runs next month, though I hope that it has a lot of shade along the trail! It will also give me a chance to check out Garfield Park.

9. Broadripple

I have always loved this area. Running along the streets here with all the pretty houses sounds like a perfect way to spend a run to me. The Monon Trail also goes through Broadripple. Perhaps I can combine the two.

10. Geist Reservoir

Geist is such a pretty area. I didn’t know this trail existed until I Googled “Geist Reservoir Running Trail”, but I’m so glad that it does! This is another one that will be perfect for my long runs in the fall!

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