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How To Start Running

I’m A C25K Grad!

This past Saturday I made my final Couch to 5K (C25K) round of the neighborhood.

I was shocked. Mostly because I could have sworn it was a 9-week program and not 8. (I kept trying to scroll further in the C25K app to look at the final 3 days only to find that it was my last C25K run.) What surprised me most is that I wanted to keep going.

And I will. Continue reading

Fountain Square Street Art

10 Running Trails In Indy

In my short span as a runner (today is the end of my 7th week in the C25K program), I have discovered that I love running in new places. In the last 7 weeks, I have run on both coasts, in 5 cities (Indy, NYC, San Francisco, Fort Wayne and Holland, MI) spanning 4 different states. Continue reading

How To Start Running

My Running Game

Today marked the completion of Week 3 Day 1 of my C25K training. (Woot woot!) Week 1 went pretty smoothly since I had been doing Zumba, Turbo Kick, Body Pump, and other various activities that really built a great foundation for starting this training. Week 2 Day 1 was really rough, but the rest of the week I could see how my body was improving and adapting. Continue reading