{Gear Review} Salomon Women’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

When I went to Guatemala, taking hiking boots was not an option. Not only are they too large and clunky for a 50L backpack, they also aren’t breathable enough for tropical climates even during the dry season. The Salomon Speedcross 3 was the perfect trail shoe for hiking volcanoes and fitting nicely in my bag.

When I first saw these shoes, I had one of these moments straight from the Croods.

Meaning, I have finally found love at first sight. I shall look no further. I kind of want them in every single color, but I can’t really justify that until I wear the first pair out. I’m trying, but they are too durable for their own good!


Minimal size with great support. This shoe was perfect for my needs. I couldn’t afford the space required for hiking boots with ankle support, but I didn’t want true minimalist shoes, either.

COMFY! I could wear these all day every day and my feet would thank me.

Multi-use. While I bought these for a specific trip and use during that trip (hiking dirt trails), I’ll use them for trail running in the future. Oh, and did I mention how comfy they are?!! I used them walking around Antigua, and I will probably use them again off the trail, too.


Runs small. I typically wear a size 8 or 8.5, but I had to order a size 9 in these shoes. The size 8.5 fit, but it didn’t leave any room at the toes for hiking down any steep declines.

Made for mud. These are the perfect shoes for dirt or grass trails, but be extra cautious if you come across any wet rock along the way. (That’s right. “Don’t step on the rocks.”)

A sales associate at REI told me that a lot of people use these for running and end up returning them because they try using them on sidewalks. (Don’t.) Keep in mind that if you’re using these as a running shoe, do not use them on concrete or asphalt. That isn’t what they’re made for. You won’t get the traction you need and you could possibly injure yourself.

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