The Best On-The-Go Travel Apps

The Best On-The-Go Travel Apps

Take the headache out of traveling with these on-the-go travel apps. From keeping track of your itinerary details to discovering sights you wouldn’t otherwise have seen, these apps can prove incredibly helpful when you’re on the road.


TripIt keeps track of all your flight, hotel, and other trip information and sends updates directly to your device. It makes checking in for flights and staying in the loop for any flight changes super easy. The Pro version also allows you to keep track of all of your reward points in one place.


In cities like NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco, cabs can be found on nearly every block at any time of day or night. In some situations and in smaller cities, though, it is far easier to use an app-based transport service. Don’t forget to check out my tips on using Lyft.


Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon) combines user reviews of restaurants with the ability to see details such as hours, menu, and also make reservations.


Trover is a social app similar to Instagram, only it allows you to find discoveries made by other users within a radius of your post. If you’re traveling somewhere new, this can be especially helpful to find things you never would have from a standard web search.

City Guides

No one knows the terrain better than the locals, so check to see if the city you’re traveling to has a city guide app. Also check out apps such as mTrip, Gogobot, and TripAdvisor City Guides.

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